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How To Prevent Skin Aging

how to prevent skin agingOld is generally a connotation negative, if not most people have same fear still old. This is perhaps the reason why for centuries people have sought to live in a solution or a youthful appearance. During the ancient times, people treat the use of medicinal plants and other natural resources with their problems of skin aging. These resources include aloe and honey, which are still used today. However, were treated with various advances in technology and medicine, more complex treatments such as injectable fillers, botulinum toxin (also known as Botox) and microdermabrasion. These new solutions can modify or slow down the skin aging more quickly and more efficiently, but at a higher cost. Those who cannot afford such costly procedures, there are other skin treatments possible combat that aging, which can be done without breaking the bank.
Before you try a particular skin treatment, it is important, even some basic knowledge of the components of our skin and how at it worked. As it taught at the school, the skin is made up of two layers, the Dermis contains various appendages of the skin and the skin serve as a framework for protection against infections and other threats. Inside the skin, components, and materials like the melanocytes, the pigmentation of the skin, collagen, the connective tissue, the shape of elastin and who is responsible for the skin's elasticity.
By knowing the different components and functions of the skin will be easier to understand, such as the skin ages and what they can cause. The causes of skin aging can be either intrinsic or extrinsic. Intrinsic causes include genetic factors influence the natural aging. Extrinsic causes are on the other side those who come from the region such as exposure to the sun and the humidity of the environment. It was said that the intrinsic factors, skin aging cannot be changed or stopped. Often, only extrinsic factors are then treated by most of the treatments or procedures.
What are the different treatments or solutions can be done to avoid, prevent or slow down the skin aging without a lot of money?
1. Protect your skin from excessive exposure to the sun. 
If possible, avoid or limit use gerb and the solarium equipment and products. When you do an activity that can requires many exposure to the sun, the use of sunscreens or sunblocks do with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 15 or more. Contact suncreen regularly 20 to 30 minutes before exposure to the sun, and note again after sweating or apply rinse with water.
2. Moisturize the skin. 
An indication of skin aging is too dry. It is important to observe the recommended 8-10 glasses per day water intake. Also avoid using products that have chemicals that can lead to dry skin, choose rather moisturizers contain. Skin moisturisers should be applied after washing.
3. Observe what you eat or drink. 
According to a study of soy medical director revival in north carolina allows soy create and maintain collagen is an important component of the connective tissue that forms the skin. A component of soybeans, soy isoflavones may also act as antioxidants that act to protect collagen from damage. It is also advisable, food and liquids to consume rich in vitamins A, B, C and E, to keep the skin smooth and youthful. On request, supplements to take these vitamins.
4. Avoid smoking. 
The substances found in tobacco or cigarettes can cause biochemical changes in the body and the skin. Based on a set of search speed, the above may tobacco aging by increasing the training wrinkles and caused skin yellowish appearance.
5. Avoid multiple facial expressions and sleeping positions. 
For serious positioning permanent or recurring face on the pillow can cause wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. The same thing happens with the repetitive facial expression from when the muscles contract to transmit these expressions to form grooves on the skin. These lines and wrinkles that are often seen in the aging skin, perhaps most visible as a person ages and decreases skin its elasticity.
Other than those described above, in particular those who are not so expensive, that may be available in the clinics can also be used to treat skin aging. Among these are the use of medicinal plants and natural resources than what they did in ancient times. However, it is important to know. Substances and reactions of these materials on your skin to not be induced in error and to avoid complications it is therefore unnecessary to spend much just to avoid or prevent the aging process. Thanks to a disciplined lifestyle and regular monitoring of these solutions cannot be treated in the prevention of premature skin aging. Although finally, learning of a person to accept that, despite all treatments carried out skin. In this situation, there is no better way to choose to grow old.
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