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9 Types Of Contact Lenses

types of contact lensesEye products every year has gone through many changes and innovations to meet the needs of consumers. And each lens type has its own characteristics. After getting a prescription from your doctor may decide certain brands and types of contact lenses are in want. If you encounter difficulties, you can ask a doctor for advice on brands and types of contact lenses. The followings are 9 types of contact lenses that you can use to suit your needs and preferences:
1. Daily wear contact lenses. 
They are called daily wear contact lenses because it requires daily cleaning. Types of contact lenses are made from a soft plastic polymer for a day. Contact lens allows oxygen to provide a higher level of comfort than rigid gas permeable lenses. The disadvantage of this type of lens is easy it is the absorption of the oils and lotions from your hand that can irritates your eyes and lack of resilience if compare hard lens.
2. Disposable soft lenses. 
This is a type of soft disposable lenses that can be worn for two weeks. They still require daily cleaning, but they are not designed for monthly usage.
3. Daily wear disposable lenses.
Daily disposable lens is a lens that can only be used one day. Contact lenses will be discarded at the end of the day. While daily disposable lenses are cheaper than yearly but it will be worth when you buy a year of disposable lenses. Types of contact lenses are to lower the risk of eye infections.
4. Soft color lenses. 
Soft lenses are perfectly suitable for those who want to look fresh. Some of the colored lenses contain tints are not for aesthetics.
5. Extended-wear lenses. 
Extended-wear contact lenses are lenses that can be worn for several weeks without having to remove it. This type of contact lens is perfect for busy people who do not have time to clean their lenses every day.
6. Daily wear rigid gas permeable lenses.
These contact lenses are made of plastic which is not soft but they allow oxygen to pass through them. Types of contact lenses are not easily torn but also require daily cleaning.
7. Bifocal contact lens is the solution for those who suffer from presbyopia.
8. Toric Contact Lenses. 
Types of contact lenses used to correct astigmatism. Contact lenses are also bi-focus and lens made of soft or gas permeable material.
9. Orthokeratology lenses. 
Contact lenses are used to correct the vision problems caused by the shape of the cornea. Contact lenses will adjust the shape of the cornea so that individual can has a day.
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  1. There are various types of contact lenses especially made for your eyes. Try to pick your contact lenses on doctor's advice.


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